Human-Grade Dog Food

Real Food – Made Fresh – Delivered

Minimal processing

Whole raw foods to preserve nutrients.


Specifically designed for your dog.

No artificial flavors

Fresh food tastes amazing on its own.

No fillers

Dogs Eat Rite contains zero soy, corn, or wheat.

Perfect For Puppies & Adults

Our recipes meet or exceed the standards set by AAFCO’s Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages.

Available In 5 Delicious Recipes CHICKEN BEEF PORK RABBIT + PORK TURKEY

Dogs live longer eating real food.
Spend less time at the vet and more years with your dog.


Natural Dog Food | Chicken Recipe | Dogs Eat Rite


Natural Dog Food | Beef Recipe | Dogs Eat Rite


Natural Dog Food | Pork Recipe | Dogs Eat Rite

Rabbit + Pork

Natural Dog Food | Pork Recipe | Dogs Eat Rite


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Prepared Locally, Made Fresh, Delivered to You.

Our real, whole ingredients come from local suppliers who share our values. Meals are made to order in our USDA-certified kitchen just hours before arriving at your door.

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