Introducing Raw Food for Your Dog

Are you considering switching your pup’s food from kibble to something more natural and nutritious? Dogs Eat Rite raw food can be a great choice for providing the high quality nutrition that your dog needs. Here are some tips to help make transitioning them to raw food as easy as possible.

When switching your dog’s food, it’s important to introduce it slowly and gradually so that they can get used to the new diet without any digestive issues. Start by choosing a meat your pup is already familiar with out of the four meal choices Dogs Eat Rite offers: beef, chicken, pork, or pork & rabbit. Over the course of a week or so, add more and more of the raw food to their kibble until they are fully adjusted.

To make the transition easier you can add hot water to the Dogs Eat Rite meals to enhance the meaty aroma, which your pup will find irresistible! If your pup is a picky eater or has trouble adjusting to the new food, try adding an egg, some low sodium cheese, or even a broth for extra flavor.

By switching to Dogs Eat Rite raw food, you can ensure your pup is getting the highest quality nutrition they need to lead a healthy and active life. With these simple tips in mind, transitioning your pup to Dogs Eat Rite raw food should be a breeze! 


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