Breed of the Week – Pekingese

We’re so excited to be featuring this lovable breed in our weekly spotlight; the Pekingese!

The Pekingese is a small breed of dog that originated in China, originally bred as royal lapdogs and companions. These furry friends are known for their proud and devoted nature, as well as their loyalty to owners. If you’re looking for a long-term companion, look no further than the Pekingese!

The average lifespan of a Pekingese is 12 to 14 years. They have a distinctive flat face and wide-set eyes, as well as a long silky coat that can range in color from black to white. They weigh anywhere between 6 to 14 pounds and require regular grooming.

When it comes to behavior, the Pekingese is known for being brave yet gentle, making them great family companions. They’re smart and self-possessed, but also love to play. They need regular exercise and are known for their barky nature.

At Dog Eat Rite, we believe all dogs deserve the very best in nutrition – regardless of breed or size! We’re proud to support all types of pups that enjoy our raw diet, including Pekingese. Our mission is to provide natural, raw nutrition for every pup out there!

So be sure to stop by Dog Eat Rite’s online store and pick up a bag of delicious raw food for your furry friend. We thank Jackson the Pekingese again for his support!


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